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1 FAQ - Motivational Speakers Booking Agency

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Q.     I’m ready to start planning an upcoming meeting. Should I call multiple speakers bureaus to get the best selection of speakers at the best price?

A.     Contrary to popular belief, a legitimate, full-service speakers bureau can arrange almost any speaker you choose.
The key is to find a bureau you trust, staffed with knowledgeable, service-oriented people who can help you match the perfect speaker to your audience.

Q.     I want to make sure the speaker I hire addresses the special needs of my audience. Can I speak to the speaker prior to booking?

A.     Not all speakers bureaus will “allow” you to communicate directly with speakers. However, Barber & Associates encourages you to talk with speakers
to make sure their messages are the right fit for your group.
Although Barber & Associates provides speakers with background materials about your company, any additional information you provide about the audience and the meeting’s goals can help them customize their presentations.

Q.     What does the term “exclusive” mean in relation to booking a speaker?

A.     Speakers bureaus sometimes have an “exclusive” arrangement with certain professional speakers,
meaning that all bookings for those speakers must involve that bureau.
However, 90+ percent of the time, any bureau can book another bureau’s exclusive speaker.
The two bureaus simply “co-broker” the engagement and split the commission.
Co-brokering does not increase the speaker’s fee for the client.
So if you’re interested in specific speakers, don’t worry if a speaker is exclusive with another bureau.

Q.     After I’ve selected a speaker and worked out the details, what’s next?

A.     Barber & Associates will email you a contract.
You are required to sign and return the contract within seven (7) days with a 50% deposit.
The balance is due fourteen (14) business days prior to the engagement date.
You will also receive an introduction, photo and bio about the speaker.
In addition, you will receive audio-video requirements and a questionnaire for you to complete about your company or organization.